Pam Mitchell

Individual Counsellor and Professional Counselling Supervisor

Open Monday to Thursdays by Appointment Only:

8:30am – 6:30pm (last scheduled time)

Pam's Services

Pam Mitchell has been in private practice since 1991.

Located at Clarence Park, Pam works in private practice from her home office with clients who attend individually or as couples, ranging anywhere between mid teens to senior years.

She also provides Supervision to Counsellors working in the profession..


Individual Counselling

As a counsellor in private practice since 1991, Pam provides counselling services to individuals in a supportive and confidential setting on a range of life issues including anxiety and depression, grief, trauma and loss, confidence and self esteem through to PTSD

Couples Counselling

Issues facing relationships are as many and varied as the relationships themselves. Pam provides a space for couples to safely discuss and work through constructive and sustainable solutions to the variety of relationship issue that they might be facing

Professional Supervisor

As a professional counselling supervisor since 2013, Pam provides supervision to individual counsellors as well as external organisations. This includes professional support, caseload discussion, access to relevant tools and materials, self care plans plus a means to address all aspects of the counsellor role

About Pam

Pam works with young adults through to mature aged clients on a wide spectrum of life issues.

With some 27 years experience she works both as a counsellor and as a professional counselling supervisor for counsellors working in the field.

In her work, Pam strives to support her clientele with relevant skills and strategies that will lead to preferred outcomes and tangible results.

In addition to this, Pam has served on a diverse range of boards and has been invited to speak at numerous health related forums.

Pam’s formal qualifications, professional memberships and peer reviewed publications include:


Master of Counselling – April 2001
Macquarie University – Western Sydney

Graduate Diploma Counselling (Sports Psychology)
Australian College of Applied Psychology – Sydney

Professional Supervision Graduate – July 2013
Australian Counselling Association College of Supervisors

Graduate Directors Program – October 2010
Australian Institute of Company Directors

Professional Memberships

Member College of Supervisors
Australian Counselling Association

Member College of Clinical Counsellors
Australian Counselling Association

Member – Level 4
Australian Counselling Association

Graduate Member
Australian Institute of Company Directors


“Chronic Illness – An Integrative Method of Counselling”
Australian Counselling Association Journal – December 2015

“Natural Methods to Control the Insulin Effects in Diabetes”
The Journal of Complementary Medicine – October 2003

(Pam is also an author of one, co-author of two and a contributing author of three health and lifestyle books)

Pam’s honorary involvement in the community over the span of her career has been extensive. Areas include:

  • A regular health and life radio spot which she continues to fulfil after some 15 years
  • Counselling services within palliative care
  • Volunteer support in aged care
  • Facilitating relaxation and meditation segments in numerous junior primary school settings

To make an appointment with Pam phone her on 0418 835 767 or contact her via email


  • “She helped us open our minds to new possibilities”

  • “I was able to listen to answers deep within myself”

  • “This was valuable to have this time for me”

  • “I found the courage to deal with my difficult situation”

  • “I found new energy that I had not experienced for a very long time”

  • “I was able to face dealing with my grief and loss”

  • “I actually discovered that I like myself better”

  • The moment you open your mind and heart to the truth is the moment you begin to heal. I needed Pam’s expertise to get to this realisation.

    Ron Nankivell

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Pam Mitchell

  • 284 Cross Road Clarence Park SA 5034
  • 0418 835 767