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Relationships: When Competition Is Not A Good Thing

Every day as I work with couples to assist them in their quest to build and/or repair meaningful and sustainable relationships, in 85% – 90% of cases, a silent creeper called ‘competitiveness’ can slither in, causing hurt, unhelpful difference, and division. This ‘competitiveness’ can be feisty or silent, even secretive, and when left without accountability […]

Mind And Body Fatigue In Australia

Over past months and weeks, a higher number of younger clients (mid teens to mid twenties, both young men and young women) have come into my consulting room with emerging feelings of panic, mounting pressures, jumpiness, restlessness, even anger outbursts. For most, these sensations are quite new to them. They would not previously have considered […]

A Focus On Men’s Mental Health

As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist in private practice, I am aware of the escalation and prevalence of men’s mental health issues over recent months. Of course, COVID–19 has not helped. However, in many cases the signs were already there, COVID just brought these people over the doorstep. Presenting symptoms and stories include depression, anxiety and […]

Refreshing Relationships

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to leave an imprint on our living and lifestyle with no indication of how long it may last or whether to some extent, it remains as a work in progress to monitor and adjust until there is either a cure or it phases out. It follows, that our relationships can […]

Community At Its Best…

News headlines in Australia since the latter part of 2019, predominately focussed on the ongoing tragedy gripping our nation, seldom witnessed by many of us, in the duration of our lifetimes. Of course, this news coverage was about the bushfires that affected large parts of our Country, where so many people, in fact whole communities, […]