Mental Health Issues

Day to day life can present challenges to our mental health but with the right counsellor at hand, these challenges cease to overwhelm.

As a qualified counsellor, Pam Mitchell can help you in the following areas (click on the links for more information)

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks – A condition that can arise at any age, any stage and any gender. Statistics show that the number of people experiencing Anxiety has increased significantly due to life demands, our own and others’ expectations, social issues, time pressures and unresolved matters.
  • Fear & Excessive Worry – Our minds can store an endless supply of information and at times the lines can blur as to what is useful and what possibly is not.
  • Image, Self Esteem & Confidence – Throughout life, experiences can alter the way we feel about ourselves. This can be due to a deliberate act of unkindness, bullying, dominance, being humiliated in front of others, or, a situation where you may have felt out of your depth to cope as well as you would have liked
  • Obsessive Tendencies – When fear and worry are left unattended sometimes the brain will find it too hard to turn off the signal and this may lead to obsessive tendencies. These may also manifest on their own terms.
  • Depression – There are many forms of depression with longer term depression often needing ongoing medical intervention and possibly more specialised care. However, milder forms of depression respond well with counselling support and often without the need for medication
  • Burn Out – We live in a ‘time – poor’ society, and for many, the pressures felt at work or in life, bring a state of physical, mental and emotional burn out
  • Grief, Loss & Trauma – Most of us at some point in our lives will experience some form of grief, loss, or trauma. The most common of course is related to the loss of loved ones, whether members of our family (inclusive of our much-loved pets) and/or our close friends or colleagues
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Recently completing a certificate in Disaster Mental Health Counselling as part of my ongoing commitment to professional development, I have a much greater insight as to the way in which PTSD is identified and treated.

If you feel the need to discuss with a qualified counsellor any of the mental health issue listed above then contact Pam now.