Relationship Issues

Counselling is of great benefit for all forms of relationship issues such as:

  • Conflict
  • Trust Issues
  • Diminished Attraction, Affection, Intimacy
  • Behavioural Challenges
  • Competitiveness
  • Jealous Tendencies

Counselling also helps in aiding communication to exist between both parties by setting boundaries for respectful exchange, thoughts and feelings can be expressed and heard with clarity.

The counselling environment then emerges as one which is fair, supportive, open, honest, safe, and where constructive work and productive outcomes are achieved.

When people are receptive to considering options and new approaches, and commit to implementing skills and strategies that can resolve their issues, relationships prosper and become more fulfilling than they imagined.

  • Some people will choose to come on their own when their partner has indicated resistance to receive help.
  • Most couples who are keen to have a positive outcome will attend together.
  • Some will arrive with a different point of view from each other, as to whether they wish to stay in the relationship or to leave it.
  • Others will come hoping to save their relationship but with one person wondering how to break unpleasant news to their partner, that may risk their relationship.
  • In some cases, the relationship may have run its course and the counselling will be more about aiding a dignified and fair conclusion.

If you feel that you need to talk to a qualified counsellor about your relationship issues then contact Pam now.