How Counselling Can Support Your Life Moving Forward

Have you possibly felt for a while that some issues in your life are just taking too much of a stronghold on your ability to regain your sense of health and wellbeing, energy, enjoyment, peace of mind and free spirit?

Some issues are more burdensome than others, but regardless of the complexity, professional counselling can provide a means of addressing these matters in a confidential setting where there is no judgement, but rather a supportive method to move ahead.

This begins within the setting itself…

A professional environment in which to be heard and not judged; where a focus on customising strategies, skills and options pertinent to your issues begins to emerge; where fresh approaches lead to methods which address your specific needs; where feeling “stuck” is replaced with a plan that becomes both tangible and achievable.

Think about the benefits in energy and peace of mind to be gained in reaching out and taking that first step.

As we all head into another year, maybe ‘now’ is a good time to put yourself and your needs first. Your mental health and wellbeing, your relationship with yourself and with others may well prosper from taking this step.

Pam Mitchell, located in Adelaide, works with individuals and couples in her private counselling and psychotherapy practice.

She also provides clinical supervision to her counselling colleagues. With a Masters in Counselling, she is accredited with Level 4 membership with the Australian Counselling Association.

Visit her website at or phone for an appointment on 0418 835 767.

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