It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (At The Moment)

To all my valued clients and supervision colleagues in regard to Counselling and Counselling Supervision throughout this Pandemic…

In 1963 there was a film entitled It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

The film was directed by Stanley Kramer and it was written by William Rose and Tania Rose. The storyline was about the pursuit of a significant amount of stolen cash.

Not to make light in any way of the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic currently impacting every corner of our globe, the title somehow seems apt and the storyline of pursuit fits with the urgency to discover a vaccine that will wipe out this Virus as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the main purpose for this communique is to assure you that the welcome mat for all our ongoing and future counselling and supervision sessions, remains where it always is, right at my front door.

In addition, if you are at all concerned about health risks in leaving your home in the midst of this present spread of Corona Virus there are other ways I have put in place to ensure we can still meet.

The first option is to meet as always, limiting our gestures of welcome and goodbyes to warm verbal exchanges instead of handshakes and hugs; providing you with sealed bottled water instead of drinking glasses, and placing hand sanitiser and wipes at the front door and bathroom door, for you to use after touching the gate, or door knobs, or any other materials, as you enter and leave.

The second option is to conduct our sessions through Zoom, Skype or FaceTime for however long the Virus takes to abate. This we would do by pre-testing our systems ahead of the day, to ensure compatibility. Payment for these sessions can be organised by direct deposit three working days prior to the appointment.

For supervision colleagues, a statement of attendance via email would be sent for you to attach to your Supervision Log.

This is a time of uncertainty and with that comes heightened anxiety and stress levels. It is also a time where extra emphasis placed on meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises, along with hydration, protein with low GI carbohydrate balanced meals, regular moderate exercise, adequate sleep, can all add to keeping your immune system in the best repair.

Please take care of yourselves and please reach out for help as and when you need.

Peace and health
Pam Mitchell

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