The Importance Of Self Care In These Times Of Crisis

As we head into the year of 2020 and conceptualise all our hopes and plans to provide our existing, as well as new, clients with the best professional support and skills, whatever their circumstance, issue, or challenge, it is important that we first take care of ourselves so that we can then do our best in our work with them.

Of course, we are all aware in our profession of the mandatory hours of supervision we are tasked to fulfil each year so that we maintain our memberships and accreditation, and as this year makes its way through half of January already, the need for regular supervision seems even more relevant in the midst of our beautiful Country’s bushfire crisis.

Many of us will be helping in this area already and if not in the field, then soon in our consulting rooms, as the road to recovery for the thousands of those affected, takes precedence. And as we well know, the effects on these people will emerge for months and years to come.

For many of us, we will personally have endured the ravages of these fires, or know of someone close to us who has. We are not unaffected. It touches us too.

That’s why supervision is so important.

As both a supervisor and a supervisee, the need to have a professional space in which to debrief, reflect, share, grieve, and heal, is so important. This is of course self-care, and I truly hope that we all give ourselves this time as we get busy in the busyness of our year.

Peace and Unconditional Regard,

Pam Mitchell

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