Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks are conditions that can arise at any age, any stage and any gender.

Statistics show that the number of people experiencing Anxiety has increased significantly due to life demands, our own and others’ expectations, social issues, time pressures and unresolved matters.

Often initially difficult to pinpoint the reason, anxiety can be triggered from a past incident or from a present life experience, circumstance or event. Regardless, when anxiety occurs, it is not pleasant.

Sensations can include a sense of ill-ease, becoming increasingly overwhelmed, a powerlessness to cope with a situation, feeling dis-oriented, confused, even lost, an inner sense of descending doom or danger.

The body’s reaction to this, is to want to take flight, but instead feels paralysed to move.

When left unchecked, this can escalate into a panic attack with symptoms emerging such as stifled breath or rapid shallow panting, pounding heart, light headedness, dizziness, feeling faint, a constant gnawing or knotted sensation in the stomach, dry mouth, changes in body temperature and/or blood pressure.

Any or all of these sensations can result in becoming quite frightened, exhausted, physically weakened, and often with a fear of it happening again.

Counselling intervention can prove beneficial in helping to identify the reasons for the anxiety and panic onset, and to address these, whilst at the same time, working to implement a range of strategies and skills to prevent the severity, frequency, and ultimately, occurrence of these attacks in the future.

If you feel the need to talk to a qualified counsellor about your anxiety and/or panic attacks then contact Pam now.