Burn Out

We live in a time-poor society, and for many, the pressures felt at work or in life, bring a state of physical, mental and emotional burn out.

When this happens, we often feel overwhelmed, in a muddle, unable to complete tasks, forgetful, confused, angry, helpless, not appreciated, blaming ourselves or others withdrawal and avoidance of engaging with others.

This condition can be accompanied with a racing heart, onset of panic attacks, insomnia, and even dizziness or lightheadness.

A medical consult could be advisable in order to check blood pressure, pulse, and general wellbeing.

Counselling provides the opportunity to discuss what’s going on in a confidential environment and to work out what the triggers have been for this situation to escalate to this state.

Its then about working together to prioritise what is most important and to develop a plan that builds achievable chunks that minimise the stress and panic and simplify the process.

This would also include some attention to stress factors using mindfulness and effective breathing techniques in order to bring about a sense of calm and clarity.

If you feel the need to speak to a qualified counsellor about physical, mental and emotional burn out then contact Pam now.