Grief, Loss & Trauma

Most of us at some point in our lives will experience some form of grief, loss, or trauma.

The most common of course is related to the loss of loved ones, whether members of our family (inclusive of our much-loved pets) and/or our close friends or colleagues.

Trauma also results from an incident or circumstance in which we have either been personally involved or witnessed.

Regardless, in all these areas, there will be feelings of shock, confusion, powerlessness, despair, deep sadness, numbness, even fear or anger.

At times, the pain and sorrow can seem insurmountable, and we wonder how we will ever cope again.

Counselling can be of great benefit in all these areas and sometimes the effectiveness of these sessions may not be apparent in immediate days but rather in the weeks to come.

Shock may temporarily impair the ability to focus or retain details and facts and so information may need to be shared and clarified on more than one occasion. Counselling provides the space, free from judgement, disregard, or haste.

The impact is different for everyone, and the decision is more about being open to seeking help when ready, rather than withdrawing and storing unresolved issues pertaining to the Trauma, Grief or Loss experienced.

If you feel the need to talk to a qualified counsellor regarding your grief, loss or trauma then contact Pam now.