Obsessive Tendencies

When fear and worry are left unattended sometimes the brain will find it too hard to turn off the signal and this may lead to obsessive tendencies.

These may also manifest on their own terms.

Obsessiveness can be in our daily habits and rituals, or to the number of times we need to wash our hands and bodies, to what we wear, to the elements around us that affect us with great sensitivity e.g. chemical reactions, and more.

The toll on the body, due to the repetitive nature of this condition, can cause despair and exhaustion.

Counselling support can be very effective, offering an environment to explain associated difficulties or stigmas and working together to identify the root causes and determining what more may need to be done to break the cycle and patterns.

If you feel the need to talk to a qualified counsellor about your obsessive tendencies then contact Pam now.